Learning Vegan

Foods I Thought I Knew but Definitely Didn’t

  • Starbursts/Marshmallows/Jello- We recently had an employee appreciation day at work where we were able to buy candy and write a “thank you” message for coworkers.  I was so excited when I received a few packs of Starburst Fruit Chews and  quickly stashed them in my desk drawer for the next time my sweet tooth kicked in. A week or so later my vegan journey began and of course that’s when my cravings hit too. I remember thinking “These have to be vegan… what kind of animal product could possibly be in here?”. As I was chewing, I googled “Are Starbursts vegan?” and was quickly disappointed. I learned that they are actually not considered vegan and the ingredient in question was gelatin. Now, judge me however you want, but I had NO IDEA gelatin was an animal product. Along with this research, came my discovery that jello and marshmallows were also no longer fair game…
  • Granola Bars- A few months ago, I got together with family to clean out some storage units containing a ton of our stuff from our former home. That morning, I realized we would probably be at it all day, with no time to stop somewhere for lunch, and even if we did- it would be unlikely to easily find vegan options. With this in mind, I packed a bag with some water bottles and strawberry granola bars. I for sure thought these were a safe bet, but sure enough they had milk. At this point, I learned the importance of reading labels. 🙂