Prior to becoming vegan, I had never had a veggie burger. And let me tell you- I was definitely missing out. Veggie burgers have come such a long way and some might even have you second guessing the fact that you aren’t eating meat. This explains why they are hands down, the most common vegan/vegetarian menu item at restaurants (besides salads).

  • Red Robin– I was so impressed with Red Robin’s delicious veggie burger as well as the interactive allergen menu on their website. However, making their veggie burger vegan does require some alterations including: switching the bun to ciabatta, removing mayo/sauce, and also removing cheese. Their fries are also vegan.*

Me at Red Robin

Red Robin Burger

Red Robin’s Veggie Burger Made Vegan! YUM!

*If you want to get super technical they could be considered non vegan- due to cross contact risk with non-vegan items cooked in the frying oil. This is the case with many restaurants. Cross contact is not a concern of mine personally, so I ordered/enjoyed them.

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