Summerfest/Milwaukee WI

Vegan Travels- Summerfest/Milwaukee WI

One of my favorite parts of summer is our annual trip up North to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to enjoy Summerfest. Not only do my boyfriend, Rick and I get to see some of our favorite music artists, but we also get together with friends we don’t see often. SO much fun!

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We recently had an employee appreciation day at work where we were able to buy candy and write a “thank you” message for coworkers.  I was so excited when I received a few packs of Starburst Fruit Chews and quickly stashed them in my desk drawer for the next time my sweet tooth kicked in. A week or so later my vegan journey began and of course, that’s when my cravings hit too.

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Prior to becoming vegan, I had never had a veggie burger. And let me tell you- I was definitely missing out. Veggie burgers have come such a long way and some might even have you second guessing the fact that you aren’t eating meat. This explains why they are hands down, the most common vegan/vegetarian menu item at restaurants (besides salads).

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