Dining Out

Dining out, for me, has been the biggest challenge of being vegan. Here are a few different restaurants I’ve tried and what I ordered: Burgers- Prior to becoming vegan, I had never had a veggie burger. And let me tell you- I was definitely missing out. Veggie burgers have come such a long way and … Read More

Vegan Travels

Summerfest/Milwaukee WI One of my favorite parts of summer is our annual trip up North to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to enjoy Summerfest. Not only do my boyfriend, Rick and I get to see some of our favorite music artists, but we also get together with friends we don’t see often. SO much fun!     This … Read More


Vegan Bac’n Cheeseburger Dip   Anyone who knows me, knows I love watching football while devouring game day dishes. So when I went vegan, I knew I had to come up with some plant based alternative before fall arrived. I must say I think I hit the spot with this delicious, comforting, gooey, vegan bac’n … Read More